Monday, June 23, 2008

What's More Important?

Having your own business requires consistent review. Ideas are continuously flowing and ways to improve are being flushed through your mind. Taking it up to the next level is the main goal - not wanting to miss out on being able to provide the services that your competitors are able to deliver. In fact, you want your business to be even better - stand out - completely unique in delivering services that others really need and you can give it to them.

Well, I have a list of questions that I often ask myself

• How am I doing?
• What can I do to improve?
• Am I offering my clients an invaluable service?
• What about my internal clients? Are they feeling appreciated?
• Are my external clients referring me to others?
• How effective is my networking?
• Am I investing enough time into my business?

More questions can be added to the list. However, most important in keeping your business report, be sure to take an honest look at yourself. Your well being - your physical, emotional/mental health are vital in doing business. Your purpose in doing business is not only to be your own boss, be in control but to also enjoy life on your terms. You want to live a prosperous life - well, you also need to live a healthy life. Be sure to take care of the business of your own health.

• Stay hydrated (drink water, 100% fruit juices)
• Make time to get pampered (spa, massage, body rub/scrub)
• Exercise (enjoy a yoga class)
• Meditate (quiet time to center yourself)
• Make healthy eating choices (salad, fruits, vegetables, vitamins, etc.)
• Visit your doctor and follow the standard health screenings
• Travel (plan a vacation - go see other places)
• Spend quality time with your family
• Donate your time, clothes, other items or money to a worthy cause
• Go out for a night on the town (concert, dinner, Broadway show, museum)
• Make time for a social gathering (group of folks who share common interests, friends)
• Play golf, tennis, chess, dominos, basketball, softball, base ball, etc.
• Go to a book store pick up that book you've been meaning to read
• Relax and begin to read your book - even just a chapter or two - then be sure to make some time to continue reading it again - even if you have to take it to the mandatory room (the place we all have to sit for a while).

You are in business with the goal of enjoying life. It's hard to step away especially when you are constantly working on something new or something that requires your attention, or just having to put that time in to see the business grow. It will grow but you will be surprised at the growth you can achieve by taking care of yourself. It builds your confidence - you will feel like a billion bucks, and most of all your business will improve.

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