Thursday, February 12, 2015

Winter Fitness

And just like that, I mustered up the courage and went out for a winter run. Yes indeed. Over the years I watched people jogging/running in the winter weather and I would wonder how on earth do they leave the warmth of their covers and venture out into the freezing cold air. Surely, they must have lost their minds. I guess I should consider myself a conditional runner. I will go for an early morning run when the weather is nice and warm. I will gladly get out of bed at 5:00 am and run to my hearts content even making it up some steep hills and finishing at 5 + miles.

However, today as I completed my morning prayer and meditation, I turned on the news and saw that it wasn't snowing and it was 30 degrees. I kept thinking to myself, I should do it - I should go for a run. I'll layer up and head on out. It was still a bit dark and I wasn't sure if the roads and sidewalks would be clear enough from the snow. I went on out and walked to the main road and that's when I began the run. I ran a long stretch of the road to an end that lead to the highway and then returned feeling like a champion. I couldn't believe that I ran in 30 degree weather and it wasn't that bad at all. I checked out the distance and came in at 3.34 miles, imagine that???!!! Not only did I do the unimaginable but I put in some miles as well.

So what's on your to do list? What have you thought of doing but just haven't done it yet? I did it and I know I will do it again. I am officially a runner of all seasons.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Soups On - Savor the Moment

Winter is in full swing. The temperatures are a great reminder of the season. After having a few weeks of snow, snow storms, blizzards mixed with freezing temperatures, the need to be warm and cozy extends to the craving for a warm bowl of soup. Here are a few soup recipes that will surely be a treat. Martha Stewart and Laura Vitale share some tips worth trying.

Here's to a delicious and warm remedy for the winter.

Chicken and Dumplings Soup

Roasted Tomato Soup

Pumpkin Soup

Friday, January 2, 2015

Reflections of 2014!!!

Made it this far by FAITH!!!


It's hard to believe that it's over -- 2014 came in with a big bang as my King made his Big Five O a few days into the new year. The year was off to a terrific start.


30th High School Reunion - crazy, right???!!! I still can't get over it. What's even more insane is that my principal and some of the nuns are still there. It was great seeing them. It was also wonderful to see my classmates.
(all classmates not pictured here)


As usual, we participated in the annual Revlon Run Walk for Women's Cancers and our team increases each year. Classmates from my high school joined our team for the walk.
(full team not pictured here)


We welcomed a new member into the family this summer.
Seems like each year my family continues to expand. Here we are at the baby shower. A new year, a new grand-girl.


We have a few birthdays this month, we celebrated the matriarch of the family. My mother is now 92. My brother, my youngest daughter and my mother in-law also celebrated their birthdays in August. As life goes, my King's grandmother passed away at the age of 105.


Now if you recall, in Reflections 2013, I shared some exciting news and I am over the top happy to share the update.
On October 22, 2014 the documentary for The Day That Changed My Life was shown at the Showcase Cinema De Lux Theatre. This is where I emphasize that it is sooooo important for you believe in yourself, have faith and trust the process of your assignment. Nothing ever goes smoothly, challenges pop up at every turn. It is up to you to work through them and remain focused and that's just what we did.
On the night of the documentary we had a Nor'easter. Naturally, I went into a full on whining mode. God why would you do this? Why would you allow us to get to this point and then have a torrential downpour on this day? However, he showed us that the rain was there to prove that our message was important enough for people to actually brave the weather conditions and support us. We had people who came in from Pennsylvania, New Milford, CT as well as those from Westchester, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, New Jersey and Manhattan. Alumnae from my all girls high school Aquinas Class of 68, 83, 84, 88 and 2004 were also in attendance. It was a success, we had a wonderful reception which included a special treat for the audience - strawberry chocolate chip cookies from Pop & Bessies in honor of Pinktober. It was incredible hearing from people who had survived cancer, lost a loved one to cancer or currently being treated for cancer - all thanking us for sharing the documentary on the big screen.

By the way, October 22, 2010 was the final day of The Day That Changed My Life - Off Broadway play in New York. How incredible is that???

Well, we are also grateful that the Showcase Cinema De Lux theater believed in our project enough to open their theater to us. Initially when I thought of doing a documentary, it was with the intention of making DVD's and marketing to Netflix, Hulu, etc. Never did I think that it would make it to a theater - the thought never crossed my mind.
Lesson: Follow your Dreams - Believe; have FAITH!!!

In December we celebrated our love, it's like our personal Valentines Anniversary day. And if my life isn't interesting enough, I was contacted and interviewed on BBC World News International. Yes, 2014 was a mixture of all things.

So as I literally lay on my yoga mat in the middle of Times Square, I am facing the sky. I've always had a fascination with nature, specifically the sky. It hosts the planes, the birds, the stars, the moon, the sun, the clouds, etc., and I wonder what is really beyond the blue - there seems to be no end. Much like my year, caring for my elderly loved ones, checking in on changes with my own health, working on my assignment, completing two books, being reappointed to serve another term to serve others through healthcare (cancer), process of having another contract with a publisher for my book, the documentary moving on to even more venues....

It resonates with me as I realize that all I have to do is Let Go and Let God........

A stand in ovation to 2014, I give thanks to God for ALL that I have experienced. I am confident that 2015 will be AMAZING!!!
(I took this picture)
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Monday, December 29, 2014

Why Wait?

Many of us have made the annual list of things that we would like to do with each New Year. It spans from losing weight, taking better care of ourselves, checking in more with family and friends, make changes in our business and in some cases - begin a business. However, I would like to encourage you to begin today.

The moment you have an idea or think of something that needs to be done, that's the perfect time to begin. January 1st, 2015 is three days away.

If you need to change your diet - today is a good day to begin making the necessary adjustments.

Do you have a business idea? Begin exploring through research, sign on to small business groups/forums, meet-ups, and be sure to take notes, write down your ideas/thoughts.

Already have a business? Start signing up for conferences, networking events, create or plan your own event, find a mentor, be a mentor.

Want to begin keeping in touch with family and friends? Pick up the phone, make a call. It doesn't have to be a long call, it can be a warm hello, thinking of you and wanted to hear your voice kind of call. It would make their day a bit brighter and you will feel great too.

The goal is to begin now, repeat daily and by the time 2015 rolls in, you will be ushering a new year knowing that you are well into making changes. 2015 will have many more opportunities to for you to explore.

Believe in your ideas/dreams and let your imagination take you to the next level ~DawnKA