Monday, May 6, 2013

Are You Ready to Shred those Pounds? Get On Board!!!

There's a health and wellness movement happening all over the nation, people are standing up and taking ownership of their lives. The goal is to take advantage of living healthier and longer lives by shredding the excess weight and cleaning up their diets. With summer just around the corner, now's a perfect time to get on board. Shredders are on the move and the results are amazing!

Naturally, we had to hear from the man behind this dynamic movement - Dr. Ian Smith.

Congratulations Dr. Ian on your new Shred Diet Nation. People are excited about the personal transformations that they have accomplished with the Shred Diet. What is the Shred Diet? The SHRED diet is a six week diet plan with which people can see significant results without starving themselves or going on a crazy diet. You can eat foods you normally eat with portion control and some exercise. SHRED combines a low glycemic index diet, meal spacing, and meal replacements. On SHRED dieters are never hungry because they are eating constantly — four meals or meal replacements and three snacks a day — over a six week program.

2. The Fat Smash Diet and 4 Day Diet Plan were great and effective plans. How is the Shred Diet different? SHRED combines the principles from the previous diets and takes it a step further. SHRED introduces my concept of "Diet Confusion.Like muscle confusion, Diet Confusion tricks the body and revs up its performance. In the same way you need to vary your workout to see results, you can switch up your food intake to boost your metabolism and increase weight loss. SHRED is a program for someone trying to lose 10 lbs as well as someone trying to lose over 100 lbs and everything in between.

3. There is a claim that you can lose 20 lbs, 4 inches or 2 sizes in 6 weeks, have you found many people on the Shred Diet sharing their success on this end? Actually, we have many, many examples of people losing 20 or more ...lots more. Everyone is different so people lose at a different rate depending on many factors. We do know that if you follow the diet, you will be successful in losing pounds and inches. We have SHREDDER groups on Facebook from all over the country sharing tips, recipes, asking each other questions and sharing their day to day experiences.

4. Will you be hosting any other shredder events like the recent one in Chicago?
The Chicago Shredder Weekend we just hosted was a huge success with Shredders flying in fro all over the country. Our next Shredder Weekend will be in Atlanta - here are the details:
We have set up the registration process for the ATLANTA SHREDDER weekend September 27-29. Please get the early registration as we are going to keep it to a limited number so that the weekend remains intimate and you all get to have time with our experts. Of course, I will be there all weekend with you. We have had a lot of people inquiring about this weekend, so we know it's going to be a life-transforming experience for many of you. Come ready to either begin your new journey with us or kick start the one you're already on. We will be getting an excellent group discount for people who need sleeping rooms. We will have that nailed down within the next couple of days and get that to you. Meanwhile, here is the link for you to register

5. How can our readers get on board with the Shred Nation?
You can become a SHREDDER by buying the book at your local Barnes and Noble or online at AMAZON: -
Anyone can tweet me with questions at @doctoriansmith or
Join Shredder Nation on Facebook at:
Good Luck and welcome to Shredder Nation!!

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