Monday, February 23, 2009

A Powerful Health Benefit - Meditation

Meditation has become quite the subject of controversy. The conflicts arise in the various religious takes on the act of meditation. The bible has many references to meditation. The spiritual benefit is to experience the ultimate connection with God. However, some Christians believe that Meditation has shifted away from God and moved to the power of the self and in some cases, other Gods. Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, New Age, Taoism and Jainism all embrace and promote meditation. It is an integral part of practice that they strongly believe will serve to enlighten and empower us. With respect to all religions, I would recommend mediation based on the findings of research studies that shows some of the great health benefits:

 It leads to a deeper level of relaxation
 Increases exercise tolerance in heart patients
 Slows the heart rate and increases the blood flow
 Reduces pre menstrual syndrome
 Lowers oxygen consumption
 Assist in chronic diseases like arthritis, allergies, etc.
 Boosts the immune system
 Reduces anxiety attacks
 Builds self confidence
 Helps keep things in perspective
 Provides peace of mind, happiness
 Helps you discover your purpose
 Increased self-actualization
 Gain compassion
 Wisdom
 Clearer understanding of yourself and others
 Unites the body, mind, spirit in harmony
 Higher level of spiritual relaxation
 Increases acceptance of oneself
 Helps you to learn forgiveness
 Changes your attitude toward life

The great news is that meditation does not cost you anything but your time. It requires consistency and a quiet place, preferably the same time if possible. Some place where you can focus on being still and cleanse the mind of negative thoughts while replacing the mind with positive affirmations. Keep in mind that this will take some time as your mind is filled with many thoughts that you have held over the years that’s where consistency is key. Don’t be alarmed if you find that you are having a tough time concentrating on being still – that’s when your mind begins to distract you with thoughts (what you would like to have for dinner, something you needed to do at work, plans for an event, etc.). Keep focused on being quiet let the thoughts flush through and begin to focus on quieting the mind. You may want to repeat a line in your mind “Nothing is impossible” or “I can do all things” - something that will give you a sense of calm. The goal of meditation is to lift your spirit to another level which should sustain you even when you are up and about. Why not give it a try, it may be the best thing you have ever done. Remember, consistency is key to experience the benefits of meditation.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

PG - Parental Guidance – A Very Important Role

The role of being a parent is an essential one that requires a firm commitment to protect, nurture, care and love your child. Some parents take on the role of becoming a friend to their child which in some ways may work especially if it allows your child to feel comfortable enough to confide in you with the various uncertainties that they may have. In some cases, the dialog may be one that can help your child in making decisions to avoid drugs, alcohol, sexual transmitted diseases, abusive relationships and many other challenges that he or she may encounter in their lives. However, there are those parents who are friends on a level where they believe that their child should be allowed to do whatever he or she wants. They host parties in their homes so that they can drink alcoholic beverages and smoke with the idea of it being in their own environment, safe at home.
What happens when the role of parenting becomes blurred?

A child loses her life to diabetes when her mother fails to take the appropriate measures in ensuring that her child followed the specific guidelines necessary for her to maintain as close to normal childhood or receive urgent medical treatment when the child became very ill. Georgia Lee Jones is a mother of five who is now facing felony charges in the death of her 9 year old daughter Chasity Butler. According to the reports, Chasity was often sick and in bed. The day before Chasity died, she had stomach pain, diarrhea and vomiting. Chasity did not eat that night or the next morning. However, when mother checked her glucose level and found it dangerously high, she failed to seek medical intervention; instead she fed Chasity noodles and let her eat cupcakes and candy. Needless to say, Chasity died.

A 7 year old Nixmary Brown died at the hands of her mother’s abusive boyfriend. Nixmarry was brutally beaten and tortured while her mother sat silently in another room. This is nothing new as it has happened many times over the years. Joel Steinberg and Hedda Nassbaum were both charged with the death of their unofficially adopted daughter Lisa. Lisa a 6 year old girl was brutally beaten, neglected and malnourished. Unfortunately, there are many other stories that do not make the headlines of major newspaper articles, radio or television broadcast news.

We have heard the stories of parents who have hosted parties for their teenage children and their friends in their homes where they serve alcoholic beverages and partied the night away with drugs. In some cases, those parties were responsible for drunk-driving incidents, alcoholic poisoning, and deaths to drug overdose.


Why take a chance on your child’s life? Why host a party in your home that will allow these teenagers to drink and partake of drugs? How cool is it to have someone else’s child leave your home only to end up in a tragic accident? What will you say if a child goes to sleep at your house and does not wake up as a result of alcoholic poisoning or a drug overdose?

Why treat your child to snacks and treats that you know are toxic/poisonous for your child especially when he or she has a specific health condition? Follow the rules of the nutritionist, your nurse and your doctor. After all, they are not trying to deliberately punish your child from having cookies, soda, ice cream, chips and candy. Their first concern is your child’s life.

Why would you allow anyone to abuse your child? Do not allow anyone, your husband, your boyfriend, your partner, or your significant other to abuse your child. It is never ever okay for anyone to hit, strike or discipline your child in any harsh way which includes verbal abuse or withholding food.

The truth is parenting is no easy task. Whatever parenting style we assume, we must recognize that we have a very important role which is to guide our children’s lives. We must guide them and let them see that we are ensuring that besides having the basics of food and shelter, they are safe, cared for, nurtured, loved, healthy, respected and respectful and protected.