Monday, December 23, 2013

Tidings of Comfort and Joy!

♬It's the most wonderful time of the year♬

The atmosphere is filled with Christmas cheer, the Christmas songs are playing along with the hustle and bustle of shoppers making their purchases, it all seems like a happy scene. The most excited ones are the children who are still filled with enthusiasm in great anticipation of their gifts. For those of us who observe Christmas, we acknowledge that it is the time for us to reflect on the birth of Jesus and the special gift of his life. Yes, we are all a part of the gift giving and the other festivities which is a wonderful tradition. However, we should try to extend ourselves to spread comfort and joy to others.

Here are some great ways to enjoy the Christmas season:

There are churches and organizations who could use your services. Volunteer to give gifts to children. Once you see the smiles on their faces, it will boost your spirits - instant wellness ;-)

Wrap some gently worn clothes and give them to the homeless or donate them to a shelter. You may also donate canned goods or sign up to serve food to the homeless. Helping those in need, puts you in a special place, a new connection is found in serving others.

The most important part of the Christmas season is to celebrate - what is there to celebrate? Your gift of life and the simple ways that you can be a part in making someone feel that they are not forgotten :-)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holidays Healthy Days.........

With the festivities in full swing, parties at every turn, one cannot help but to be concerned about their health - we hope. 'Tis the season of waistline awareness ♬ fa la la la la ♬ la la la la ♬. Have you ditched the watch what you eat compass and traded it in for the not so reliable or good idea of "I'll begin working out in the New Year?"
Oh yes, we all know how that goes :-)

Some of us have actually taken on the head start of working out now so that we can enjoy the full on feast of the season. While others are maintaining their workout throughout the year, watching their intake at every turn. There has to be a balance.

Off to finding healthy choices for the holidays so that we can enjoy a guilt free celebration time. How about trying something new :-)

Let's see what we have here..........

Yummy, yum, yum --> Dessert

Monday, December 2, 2013

AIDS - The Awareness Continues as A New Strain Develops

As we celebrate the progress made in the treatment of people with AIDS, we are faced with another challenge. The World Health Organization indicated that the number of people with HIV/AIDS virus increased in 2012. Now there are reports from researchers that a new strain of the virus has been found in West Africa. As we all know, this is not something to brush off as it being over there. Needless to say, as people travel - viruses spread. The AIDS/HIV awareness campaign continues which is necessary. Above all, your health and wellness depends on you :-) Be informed!!!