Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What Gives? Understanding the Cervical Cancer Screening 2012

It appears that there are always changes in the cancer screening guidelines and many people are confused with the frequent changes. With the various forms of cancers, it is often difficult to know which one has changed. After attending a dinner program for healthcare professionals on the progress of cervical cancer screenings, I wanted to share it with you. I have followed the cervical cancer screenings and the controversies that surrounded it as it had not been completely accepted by some in the medical community. However, it appears that the latest guidelines have ha a better reception.
The best thing to do is discuss your concerns with your doctor. Your doctor knows your health history and if you do not know your family's health history, find a way to be screened for the necessary tests. Be sure to share your health history with your children.

Based on the latest research studies, the United States Preventative Services Task Force and the American Cancer Society have released a new guideline for cervical cancer screenings.

Dr. Peter Frederick a gynecological oncologist explains the new cervical cancer screening guidelines for 2012. Be informed and share! :-)

Here's a look back....
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Something to Talk About!

After receiving numerous emails regarding an issue that many hesitate to discuss, I've decided to take it head on. This condition can be terrifying to men and women, where some describe it as their worst nightmare. Erectile dysfunction also known as impotence is downright scary, it is the inability of maintaining or having an erection.

Although having difficulties with an erection may be due to stress and not necessarily an indication of impotence, it can be a sign of an underlying health condition that needs treatment. However, once it is determined that there is a health issue, an effective treatment plan may reverse your erectile dysfunction.
This is a very sensitive topic that is not easy for men and women to talk about even in the privacy of their own environment. Communication is vital to the survival of your relationship, your own self confidence and peace of mind. Above all, seek medical attention, do not assume that you are under stress - you may be right but then again you may be wrong. Your health and wellness is in your hands.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Business of Being A Mother

Being a mother is no easy task - it is filled with challenges. As I reflect on this position that I have held for the past 26 years, I realize that I have every right to run for the president of the United States of America if not the world :-)

Culinary Expert

I have fed the kids when they have declared there is nothing there to eat -miraculously I manage to whip up meals without leaving the house.

Office of Administration

Time management - scheduling various appointments,parties, attending recitals and other related events while maintaining my own.
Reviewing papers, filling out forms, signing permission slips, attend meetings.


I have served as a strong advocate on behalf of their health, education, etc.

Domestic Policy/Homeland Security

I have successfully mediated and at times end major wars.

Event Planner

Slumber Parties, Birthday Parties, Museum Trips, Broadway Shows, Amusement Parks, Family picnics/barbecues, Vacation/Traveling Abroad, After Christmas Shopping, Concerts, Baseball games and more.

Chief Cheerleader

Cheering at every performance at home, school or any other venue. Cheering them on to greatness.

Economic Council/Adviser

I have had to balance budgets with next to nothing left

Health Care
Office of Drug Control

I have experience in taking care of the sick children bringing them back to health without having to run to the emergency room and calming their hysterics at the sight of blood when they merely have a bruise.

Official Spiritual Adviser

Very close connection to God for the ultimate guide that I do not mess up this position.

Office of Mental Health

Listen to the constant reasons why the other person is stupid
Listen and counsel on having compassion, the importance of caring, being kind, and knowing when it's time to hit back

Education/Guidance Counselor

Selecting the appropriate educational materials/courses/path/programs
Filling out Financial Aid Forms for College

I can go on and on with the other duties but it may appear to be bragging. Well, I wont be running for anything as being a mother is a life term position and that's a major position that I wont trade for anything.
I must go and celebrate this day although I am still on full duty..............

*Updated version originally written in 2008

Friday, May 11, 2012

Honoring Mothers!

Mothers give birth naturally while some mothers open their lives to adopt. Mothers are those who may use a surrogate to carry their child. Mothers comes in many forms - let us celebrate and honor mothers everywhere around the world!
The moment you first meet your baby is indescribable. There is nothing like it, it is such a special, magical moment.
Mothers nurture, care and love their babies.
Mothers understand the important role that they have and want nothing but the best for their children.
Mothers give great hugs and kisses. They are simply wonderful :-)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother - It Takes One to Know One

I remember when I first found out that I was pregnant the sheer fright of it all was overwhelming. I had so many things to consider but most importantly - my parents specifically my mother. I was raised by a God fearing, God loving, God everything mother. I was raised in the church and Sundays was reserved for church starting from Sunday School to Sunday morning service and then back for the evening service. The week nights had services as well which I also attended. I could not understand why I had to go to church all the time, I thought my mother was so mean. I was sent to the best schools that they could afford, graduating from an all girls high school. Next step - college. Well, not for me, with my new found independence, I became pregnant. I was so ashamed, I could not find the courage to tell my mother. I knew it would hurt her and after all that she invested in me, this is what I gave in return. I kept my mouth shut and let my pregnancy show for itself. My mother and I coexisted in silence, she was too numb to speak.

During my pregnancy, I had nightmares of having an alien for a baby. I wondered if I would die during the birthing process. I prayed and asked God to please let it be a girl but I just knew it would be a boy because I had no right to ask for a girl knowing that I had sinned. It was such a God fearing ten months, yes it felt as though I was carrying my baby for almost a year. However, after giving birth and hearing that it was a girl, I became overwhelmed. What kind of mother would I be? How would I take care of her?

On the other hand, I was excited that I had a healthy baby girl and I felt that perhaps God was not as disappointed in me as my mother. Somehow, I was able to get through motherhood by applying some of the values that my mother gave me and maturing into setting my own standards and values. I realized very early, while holding my newborn baby in my arms that I wanted the best for her. I wanted her to be smart, to have an exceptional relationship with God, be nice to others, go to college, have great friends and have an amazing life.

While making my detours through life, I completed college and excelled academically. I have accomplished quite a lot and my mother is proud. I am a mother and now a grandmother of girls and I am so thankful to God for giving me the best mother in the whole wide world! I could not have done it without her.