Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Healthy Halloween - Yes That's Right :-)

It's that time of year again where the candy fest takes over. Children and some adults, dress up in costumes, hit the streets, knocking on doors, going in and out of stores with their buckets, baskets and in some instances their pillow cases all in the game of trick or treat. The end deal is the treat - candy. Lots and lots of candy. Keeping an eye out for the good candy. The strategy, knowing your neighborhood and which house has the good candies. At the end of the night, you dump the candy out and begin to sort the ones you want, the ones you can swap, the ones you wont eat until the good ones are gone or those you will never eat - mission accomplished.

While it is not my goal to knock the whole fun of the trick or treating for candy day, I must share the healthy alternatives to having a fun delicious treat.

No lecture or shouting out to parents whose child may be overweaight or obese, just some helpful ideas from Brooke Thomas to treat all of our children to a healthier halloween :-)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Cutting The Carb Craving

The temperatures are dropping and the lovely Fall morning with 50 to 60 degrees are now fading, welcoming the cold temperatures of the low 40's - I am not a happy camper. In the meantime, the outdoor early morning runs has suddenly come to a screeching halt and a major shake up has to be made to keep the fitness goals on track.

In the meantime, Fall and Winter brings on the desire to hibernate. Who doesn't love to keep cozy and warm with some indoor comforting and tasty eats? Pasta mania is a part of my rage. Pene Pasta with Vodka Sauce, Macaroni with Cheese, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Creamy Alfredo Sauce on any pasta, bread with butter, garlic bread, fresh out of the oven biscuits, pizza, chips and on and on..... Don't you just love the carbs?

However, in the sincere process of working to improve on our health and wellness, it is important to take a good look at your daily intake and face the changes that must be made in order to achieve the goals. Here are some great tips to avoid depriving yourself of the things that you enjoy while keeping your health and wellness on the forward path. There are many indoor work out activities to keep burning the calories and we can also enjoy our eats too. Are you in? :-)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Oh Noooo - Not My Oreos???

There are some really delicious snacks and treats where the saying 'you can't have just one' is not an exaggeration. Making the headlines is a life long favorite of mine - Oreos.

What's all the buzz about?

Well, it seems that some students at the Connecticut College wanted to find the root causes of obesity among lower income neighborhoods. Neuroscience assistant professor Joseph Schroeder and his students, found that when the rats ate the cookies it activated more neurons in the brain’s "pleasure center" than exposure to the drugs.

According to Mr. Schroeder "Our research supports the theory that high-fat/high-sugar foods stimulate the brain in the same way that drugs do, it may explain why some people can’t resist these foods despite the fact that they know they are bad for them."

Interestingly, Jamie Honohan, a neuroscience major at the college who thought up the original idea of the study, noted that rats also eat their oreos just like us saying, “They would break it open and eat the middle first.”

Now that they have my interest in this study, I wonder how the rats would react to having the oreo cookies with milk?

Of course, our goal is to enjoy all things in moderation and getting control of our portion size is a major one. Lord hear our prayer!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Seasons Change - Maximize Your Food Experience

One of my favorite scriptures is found in Ecclesiastes 3 which to me serves as the ultimate reality check. It is a straight talk no chaser message on the facts of life. Seasons change and with the changes, we have to accept and make the necessary adjustments

As Fall takes its position, there are a number of fruits and vegetables that are at the peak for maximum taste and offers high nutritious value. It's time for us to flow with the change of the season and get our healthy eats on :-)

Avocado is quite popular as a good appetizer dip for chips, yes, guacamole is a must have for many who enjoy the blend of avocado, onions, tomatoes, garlic, salt, pepper, cilantro and a dash of lime juice. What makes it even yummier, is that it lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. It may also help to prevent cancer. Now for the value it contains - Omega3, folate, omega6, potassium, and vitamin B6.

Brussel Sprouts are high in vitamin C and it has cancer-fighting antioxidants which is a plus to guard your health.

Collard greens, kale are high in antioxidant vitamins A and C and other nutrients that promote healthy vision and may lower cancer risk.

Cranberry beans brings you an improved step in the right direction as it has a good dose of protein and it is high in calcium and potassium.

Pomegranate is a fruit that helps to fight viruses, reduces joint pain and importantly may prevent strokes. The inside of the fruit has tiny little seeds covered with a transparent petal of it's own juice. Take a gentle bite and a burst of flavor filled with a tart mixture containing potassium, fiber, folate as well as a high dose of vitamins C and K will set you off just lovely.

Sweet potatoes are naturally one of the most delicious, sweet, nutritious vegetables around. Let's try it without the sugar or the deep fried oils to benefit from its high antioxidant vitamins A and C - allowing it to help boost our immune system.

But wait there's more

Friday, October 4, 2013

Making Changes - Taking Cosmetic Chances

To thine own self be true......

Who are we to judge what is true to others? However, it's difficult to look at some of the changes that many well known faces have made and not notice the awful truth - their looks have changed and in most cases not for the better. A little nip, tuck here and there, plumping of the lips, breast and butt implants are becoming more common. With many celebrities changing right before our eyes, some fans have fallen deeply in to the world of cosmetic/plastic surgery. Unfortuantely, even those with the financial means and access to the top plastic surgeons have had major fails that not only made their appearances noticeably strange/weird but have had disastrous results. To make matters worse, parents are aiding their young children to also have procedures due to peer pressure and to avoid bullying. Is it effective? Is it necessary?

In the end, it really is a personal decision.

Next up we're exploring the dangerous side of cosmetic surgery.