Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Snow Storms

This winter season is proving to be quite the season. Many states are overwhelmed by the snow storms that just wont seem to let up. Much to the dismay of those who migrated to the south to escape the winters, the winter has made it a point to follow them. It has even caused people to question the Global Warming theory.

More importantly, we also know that this weather may cause an affect on various health related conditions and in worse case fatalities. Some may suffer from the winter blues or the hazards of snow storms . Today I woke up to the early morning reports of the snow storm coverage and suddenly I realized that there was no need for me to complain. After all, this is winter and this is what happens during the winter season. Now, if I can just accept it and begin to focus on the things I need to do to arm myself appropriately - gloves, scarf, hat, coat, boots and layer accordingly, I would be fine.

With that attitude, I began to count down the days to spring. January is almost gone, we have two more months to go. Before you know it Spring will be here and then we'll be complaining of the winter weight or the rain. How about using this time to make healthy choices, you'll be so proud of yourself ;-)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Living la vie des 40's

As a teenager, I could not wait to be 21. I just had to get there and life would be on. No thought of the years to come especially giving that 30 and beyond seemed so far away and old. I could not imagine what being 40 would be like as I found that being in my 30's was actually not such a big deal, it was surprisingly a lot of fun.

 Needless to say, 40 came and again I embraced the new decade with much pleasure.  I guess I'm just happy to be able to share my life with my loved ones. I've always enjoyed being a mother, watching my children grow. They make me smile, laugh, fill up with pride, cry tears of joy and at times seeing the choices they make I become disappointed and swoop down on them with the wrath of a Mother's Love
I also love being in love. It is an added bonus that makes life an enjoyable journey. I love traveling, it opens me up to new adventures, meeting new people, experiencing the culture and just having a good time. I love going to the museums, concerts, Broadway Shows, dining, weekend Get Aways, movies, singing, dancing, walking through the park, strolling around the city, relaxing on the beach and on and on.....

I love my assignment which is to serve others through health care. I developed a love for health care at a very young age. It gives me great joy to assist others and now my assignment has taken on a unique turn. It is evolving and I embrace it even when others question my judgment, it is what works for me and it does.

One of the things that I love is working out which I need to get back to because that's one thing that being in the 40's is not happening. I need to become consistent in the areas of meditation, yoga, jogging, eating healthy, leading the life I advise to others. Yes, I admit it all the time, I need to heed my own advice.

Looking back, I can tell you that life at any age should be embraced and enjoyed. I still feel like the same girl from way back when. Of course, I've matured somewhat with the experiences (good and bad) but I'm still a girl who wants to have fun and I do. Here's some advice which is really for your own good - take great care of yourself it will only serve to make your years even more wonderful.

Hear what these women over 40 have to say:
Life in the 40's 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Keeping Up With 2011

One week into the New Year and you are motivated, now it's the second week and you're still excited. This is it! This is the year you will shed those excess pounds once and for all. It may be the year to give up drinking alcohol, smoking, using or abusing drugs, engaging in unsafe sex, fighting, cursing,texting while driving, etc.

What makes this time so different? The responses vary:

I mean it
I just know it
I've signed up for the gym
My doctor told me that I had to make a change
Once I make up my mind, I will do it, I've done it before
It's different this time trust me I know

and on and on............. whatever the motivation or reason for making it work this time, it will take a whole lot of consistency and determination to succeed.

You may need a support system. Ask someone to join you. If you cannot find anyone, consider signing up with your local support groups. Support groups gives serves as your very own cheering team. They help you with your goals to change. There are many out there:

Alcohol & Drugs
Safe Sex

You can also find support within your local communities:

Church - many churches have support groups
Health Clinics - check with your city or Department of Health State website
Community Center - often have services or referrals to assist/support you
Runners Club - some communities have run/walks within their parks

Whatever you need, there is something out there to assist you. Go for it!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Haiti - The Crisis Continues.........

It was the beginning of 2010 when the world was filled with compassion after the shock of the deadly earthquake in Haiti. The outpouring support came from all over the world. It all looked hopeful. The fund raising campaigns led by celebrities proved to be effective as millions were donated.

The challenges were there by the loads. The roads were blocked due to fallen debris and in other cases, there were huge openings on the roads which made it impossible to pass. These barriers also played a major role in getting the supplies to the people. The coverage showed that the people of Haiti were taking the devastation in stride. They sang and danced in the areas where they gathered. However, they cried for the loss of loved ones, the lack of food and medical help for their children and the elderly, the lack of communication with their families or friends. It was an emotional experience to be on the outside looking helplessly just wanting to see something happen, to make it better - fast.

As with everything, time goes by and the focus shifts on to the next big crisis. The BP oil spill here, Mother Nature ruffling our weather to unpredictable patterns in areas that enjoy a predictable calm, earthquakes, mudslides, rain and snow storms, tsunami watch in Hawaii, Chilean Miners, threats in North Korea, etc., we became distracted or perhaps we thought, it was all working out.

In the fall of 2010, we heard the first murmurs of an outbreak of Cholera in Haiti. We should have seen this coming. It was the perfect setting for such devastation, surely we saw that the infrastructure was severely compromised. There they were asking for water while reporters mentioned that the people of Haiti are in need of basic things such as water, food, etc. We saw coverage of people bathing/gathering water that appeared to be unclean. In addition, corpses were all over the streets, hidden in pockets of debris, rain poured, the water flowed, it rained on the earth, the corpses of humans and animals were also exposed to the rain. These conditions are set for breeding bacteria such as Cholera and other diseases that are commonly found in conditions such as these.

Cholera causes severe diarrhea and can be fatal. The symptoms* includes:
Abdominal cramps
Dry mucus membranes or mouth
Dry skin
Excessive thirst
Glassy or sunken eyes
Lack of tears
Low urine output
Rapid dehydration
Rapid pulse (heart rate)
Sunken "soft spots" (fontanelles) in infants
Unusual sleepiness or tiredness
Watery diarrhea that starts suddenly
Diarrhea has a "fishy" odor
Stool looks like water with flecks of rice in it

We admire the dedication of those who are there even long after the cameras have let the island working. The doctors, nurses, missionaries, students, citizens, responders of mankind and celebrities Wyclef Jean and Sean Penn. Clearly, Haiti is still in great need. How can we help? Let us begin with a call to those in charge Red Cross, Yele Haiti, UNICEF and Save the Children. Find out what they are doing to prevent these things from happening. It may be more of an issue on the hands of the Government of Haiti.

Haiti An Island In Great Need

* Symptoms & Treatment