Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yoga - Try It You May Like It

Yoga it does a body, mind and spirit real good. It involves stretching of the muscles which is great as it releases the lactic acid that builds up with muscle use and causes Fatigue, pain, stiffness and tension. It also improves your posture and upper body strength.

Yoga is used to treat clinical depression and heart disease. Studies have indicated that other benefits can be found in improving chronic medical conditions, as it has relieved symptoms of asthma, arthritis and back pain. The National Institutes of Health is interested in the benefits of yoga and has funded clinical trials on yoga and its health benefits for insomnia and multiple sclerosis.

There are many forms of yoga. Asanas, ashtanga and power yoga are among the different forms of yoga and varies in their levels of activity. If you have never tried yoga because you think it's to difficult or you just never gave it any thought - why not give it a try, before you know it you may be a pro :-) The benefits are worth it and you can begin by checking out the video below. Go on and give it a shot.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It is Good to Give Thanks - Happy Thanksgiving!

There is something special about the holidays, at least for me. Thanksgiving and Christmas has always been my favorite holidays as it is a time when the family gets together and the room is filled with joy and laughter. The excitement of seeing your loved ones who travel from near and far makes for a wonderful reunion. It is also a time to share, inviting friends who may not have a family to celebrate thanksgiving. My friends would always fit right in and become a part of the family.

Thanksgiving is also a time that reminds us of our loved ones who are no longer joining us at the table. I miss my father, he was a great cook and I really wish he was still here. I also miss my father in-law, we would laugh and talk about any and everything. I loved his pies, they were the best pies ever made. However, there are those of us who have loved ones in the hospitals, assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Take a trip to visit your loved ones and if possible, see if you can arrange for them to be released for the day. Sharing the holidays not only lifts the spirits of your loved ones, but it also sends a subtle yet profound signal to the staff. Family involvement is extremely important.

Whether you are watching the parade, the football games, your favorite marathon movies, reality shows or sitcoms, talking and laughing loudly - remember to cherish the moments. Give thanks not only for the food and family but give thanks for being able to share with others. With that said, make a plate and take it to someone who may live alone and are unable to get around. Enjoy and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Healthy Eats, Treats and More............

Yesterday evening while I was working and watching my favorite Health & Wellness channel Veria, I saw some really great recipes that I am planning to try this week. I will let you know how it all worked out as soon as I do. Well, let me tell you about The Sweet Truth with the host Kelly Keough. Kelly is known as the sugar free chef who shares the healthiest sweet treats that looks and sounds so yummy. I could not wait to try them out myself. In fact, I found myself wishing that I was in the kitchen with her. Here are a few videos but you can find more at Veria ON TV


And here's s more Balancing Your Diet: How To Be Healthy featuring Dr. Len Lopez

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Cannot Afford My Prescription Drugs!

Every now and then you need to hear some good news, especially when you're having treatment for a disease that can be quite costly. Well, here's the great news!!!

There are resources out there to assist those of you who are having a difficult time paying for your prescriptions. Now before I begin, I need you to promise that you will share this information with everyone you know. Who knows? They may need this information or know someone who could use this as well......
These resources may be able to help you in the following areas:

*Assistance with applying for help
*Assistance with your insurance reimbursement
*Free or discounts for patients who may not qualify for other services
*Referrals to co-pay relief programs

Let's begin with the Partnership for Prescription Assistance. The PPA has a list of pharmaceutical programs and other resources for financial assistance on their website. You can also call them at 1(888) 477-2669.

But wait, there's more...

CancerCare Co-Payment Assistance Foundation

Chronic Disease Fund

Healthwell Foundation

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Co-Pay Assistance Program

National Organization for Rare Disorders
1-800-999-6673 (Voicemail only)

Patient Access Network Foundation

Patient Advocate Foundation Co-Pay Relief Program

Patient Services Incorporated

Now don't forget to share this with everyone you know. Use the options here on the blog or copy and paste the link.