Saturday, August 23, 2008


Have you ever received an email that warns you or serves as an alert that there is a recall on a medicine? These emails are usually forwarded from a family, friend or colleague who is sharing the information to make you aware of potential danger. What do you do with that information? Do you read quickly through it and then forward it on to others? Do you talk about it with others? Do you even remember?

While you may be concerned for your health, you may find yourself relying on the emails as a guide to what you should avoid. However, it is more important that you get the facts for yourself. You need to know if the information you received through your trusted sources is factually sound. There are those emails that are not necessary true - even though it mentions CNN, Good Morning America, Today Show and the various notable morning news programs.

Here are some solutions:

You may have to go to the specific site search box and type in medical recalls, medical alerts or medical warnings. An example will be on the Johnson and Johnson website there is no visible link to alerts. However, if you use their search box, a list of products that were recalled or had alerts/warnings will appear.

Go ahead - do it - it's for your own knowledge and most importantly - your health.

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