Friday, January 2, 2009

Here's to Your Health - Happy New Year!

Each year we all make our resolutions or set our goals or just opt out of making any arrangements. We may just go along with the day to day living and hope for the best. However, most of us seem to think that we can't wait for the New Year to come and make the past a distant memory - expecting nothing but the best. It is important that we realize that as long as we live, the path for us will have some turbulence as well as some smooth and joyful moments.

Brace yourselves for challenges - it's a part of life. However, do not allow the challenges to overwhelm you.

Celebrate the simple things - it makes everything else much better.

Be thankful - it is always good to give thanks - it shows your appreciation

Be kind - treat others the way you would want to be treated

Be supportive - it's always good to give support to others it builds you up

Be thoughtful - think before you act and let your actions demonstrate your thoughtfulness

Nurture yourself - take the time to take good care of yourself.

Watch your daily intake - watch your portion sizes.

Treat yourself to some quiet time, some relaxed time, some ME time. Enjoy the company of others - go out and socialize. Spend time with your family and friends - all in an effort to share joyous moments. If you do not have this relationship with your family and friends, then begin to look into groups/organizations that share common interests - that usually works. Pace yourself - know when to exit politely without allowing yourself to become overwhelmed in an uncomfortable situation - just say as calmly as possible - "I have to go now"

You can take control of your life by choosing the people, places and things that you want in your life. You also have the power to control how you take care of yourself - your health is vital and you can make small changes each day to improve your health.

Each day is your day - make it great!

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