Friday, December 4, 2009

Surviving the Holdiay Feasting Season

It's a sad, sad reality but the fall/winter season is my least favorite time to work out - out doors. It's cold and I would much prefer the warm weather. My most favorite and most effective workout is jogging/running. I work out at my own pace. When I am on the track and I have not jogged in a while, I walk a lap or two then I run for four laps, walk a lap and run four more laps, walk another and run four more laps - ending the workout with walking a lap. As my jogging becomes consistent, I walk a lap or two then run the full 12 laps then I walk a lap to cool the body.

Thanksgiving Day has come and is now gone. We are full speed ahead to the feasting season. Holiday Parties are on a roll whether it is the much anticipated office party, get together with friends, networking events and mixers or just dining out after the constant shopping excursions - it's a good reason to eat.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we headed out to the track to continue on our wellness workout. We have decided to work out more consistently rather than wait for the spring. It was a beautiful yet slightly windy day.

The foot ball teams were out, scattered pockets of people playing their own sports on the outskirts of the track - volley ball, tennis, touch foot ball, etc.

It was such a good sight to see the various people enjoying their work out choice. The cheers and vibrant encouragment for the organized foot ball game, the laughter from the touch football group, the wild chatter of the volley ball players - made each lap entertaining.

However, the track was quite clear only a few people were out. Perhaps many of the regulars decided to relax or maybe they were still taking advantages of the sales. Whatever the reason, it sure felt great to burn those calories.

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