Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ahhh!! The Sweet Smell of

The latest studies indicates that the sweet scents of those counterfeit perfumes are actually made with antifreeze, bacteria and urine. Yes, urine! Can you believe that?!! Well, for those who may ask "What's the fuss?" "What about urine therapy?" While urine may be used in alternative medicine for medicinal purposes, it is usually one's own urine. On the other hand, let's make a fuss about anti freeze. Anti freeze is an engine coolant used to keep engines cool. Needless to say, neither sounds healthy. Consider that perfume is often sprayed on the skin and therefore it will be absorbed. In fact, dermatologist Dr. Jeannette Graf shared with Good Morning America that she has seen more cases of contact dermatitis or an inflammation of the skin as a result of counterfeit perfumes.
Many consumers purchase these counterfeit products assuming that they are getting the same product that is sold in the high end retail stores only that they have the benefit of purchasing it at a fraction of the cost.

The advertisements are alluring. The desire to have the designer perfumes may be strong. Keep in mind that you will not look like this
but instead

It is important to note that these items are not only sold by a peddler who walks up with a bag filled with perfumes; it is also available on the internet as well as kiosks and other small shops or street vendors. Think carefully about saving on items that may affect your health and wellness. It will actually cost you more than you can imagine!
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