Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hospital Closings -- What on Earth?!!!

Have you ever heard someone say, get a career that will always be in demand. Doctors, nurses,teachers even state jobs will always be secure, after all we will always need a doctor, etc. It made a lot of sense. However, hospital and other health care facility closings are common place now.

When a hospital closes, what happens to the patients? where do the doctors go? what about the nurses and other staff members? Not to mention -- the community. How will it affect the community? Where will they go? Will the other hospitals be able to provide quality service to the influx of new patients? Emergency - how effective will it be if one is sick and needs immediate care?

The Voices of the People

Another Hospital - the voice of the Employees

Hospitals are essential to the lives of those within the community. The response time is critical and can be the determining factor in life and death.

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