Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Great News Alert! Early Detection for Alzheimer's -- Now What Does That Mean?

The news is all a buzz about the historical breakthrough in detecting Alzheimer's disease with an accuracy of 100%. Isn't that great?!!!! Of course this is exciting news. Many of us who have those brief escapes from our memory begin to wonder if we are candidates for the disease.

The treatment of Alzheimer disease is rather grim as there is no cure for the disease. However, news like this is certainly promising. Now, that this test has such a high accuracy with detecting the result, I am sure that many people will want to be tested, I for one will be making an appointment - I'm curious, I just need to know.

Once I find out my result, I will need to know what can be done to avoid the disease or how close are they to finding a cure or at least staving off the disease as long as possible. Will my insurance cover those tests? If not how much will it cost? Will it become a standard test? Perhaps not until they can successfully treat the disease.

Before we break out the bubbly, put on our fancy dress/suits and head out to celebrate for a night on the town, let's hear what CNN's health expert Dr. Gupta has to say:

Well, that does it. Hopefully, the researchers will have a cure by the time you finish reading this blog, or at least by the end of this year.


  1. Interesting - as far as prevention I just posted on that myself. From what I discovered the bulk recommendations for preventing Alzheimer's all share components of similar recommendations for living a healthy life - body, mind, and spirit.

  2. Thanks for sharing with us Richard, I must check out your blog.