Friday, November 22, 2013

Pop, Pop...... Stop Popping Microwave Packaged Popcorn

There was a time when things were simply delicious while we all waited less than five minutes for popcorn. There's something special about homemade snacks and desserts, they're just tastier and now we may be on to something especially with popping popcorn.We would get a nice size pot, pour in oil to lightly cover the bottom of the pot, add some kernels cover the pot and listen for the popping to begin, at times the cover lifted as the popcorn fluffs it way to an overflow. We would pour it into a large bowl, add salt and enjoy - all within five minutes.

Once the microwave popcorn hit the shelves, the patience for popping popcorn or perhaps the ease of preparation of placing the bag in the microwave became the most convenient way to go.

As reseach studies go, time and observation has determined that this fantastic convenient method of the microwave packaged popcorn is unhealthy, which may cause cancer and other health related illnesses. Thankfully, all is not lost. We can still pop our popcorn within minutes in the microwave as demonstarted in the video below.

And now for the old fashion homemade popping with tips to add your own fancy toppings :-)

Here's to a healthier and tasty treat :-)

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