Friday, March 27, 2015

Coffee, Tea and More

It was a surprise trip. My King told me to save the date and that was all he had to say for me to get all excited and wonder where were we off to. It was early in the morning so I knew it wasn't to see Prince in concert or then again Prince would be able to pull off something like that - a sold out early morning concert. Well, that wasn't the case, it was another cool surprise.

We were at a Coffee and Tea Festival. How cool is that???!!! Although I would call it more of a Tea and perhaps some Coffee Festival; for every five tea vendors you may see a coffee vendor. Clearly, the teas outnumbered the coffee. I was in tea heaven. The vendors were there with the some of the most exquisite teas and encouraged us to take a try. It was like being at the buffet for teas.

It was a fun environment as the vendors had pulled all the stops with their branding. The Tea Pigs gives the impression of a farm grown type of tea - sipping and saying 'top of the morning to ya.' There were samples of bread, cakes, dips and we even purchased empanadas. The bread and cake samples of tastefully simple was absolutely delicious. You should check it out.
As we were leaving, I took a snap shot of the crowd that was waiting on line to enter the festival. It was incredible.

I could not wait to get home. The goodie bag we received had quite a number of items that I had to explore. As soon as I took off my coat, I emptied the bag and then I took a snap shot to share with you. Teas, sugars, coffee, magazines, coupons and even a Colgate tooth brush was included. However, I only took a picture of the coffee/tea related items.

The folks at Fully Spirited were a fun bunch who beckoned us to come on over and try their full spirited liqueur cakes and the sample was soooooo delicious and moist we couldn't resist. My King pulled out the cash and our first purchased was made. The next purchase was NEKTAR honey crystals which was reviewed by my King--> The honey crystals are good. Not quite spoonful for spoonful with the natural state but it is quite a bit less messy which makes it nice at work or if you are on the run.

Here's our at home sample share. We split the chocolate raspberry and limoncello while I kicked it up a notch, sipping on wine - proved to be too much liquor swirling around in my mouth.

There are still some treats left to try:
Bauli Mini Croissants
Mrs. Thinster's Cookie Thins
Nature's Bakery Fig Bar (Raspberry)

What's your idea of a fun festival? Coffee. Tea. Food. Music. Books. I love them all!!!

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