Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stress - Working In This Economy

The media has primarily focused on those who have lost their jobs as they are a part of the community who are in a place of uncertainty. They are worried about their ability to pay their mortgage, rent, car notes, credit card bills, utilities, food and other family/personal obligations which will only add to the state of the economy. Things are not looking good. There is turmoil in the banking systems, Wall Street, Investment Firms, the major companies and organizations are all taking a big hit. As a result, there is a lack of confidence that has now spread to even those who are currently employed.

Employers are faced with the challenges of laying off their employees in order to thrive in this economy. The employees that remain are worried that they may be next to lose their jobs as they see the layoffs as a transition – until the next batch of pink slips are handed out. The concerns are such that they become overwhelmed with thoughts of submitting their resumes to other companies knowing that it is a tough field of job seekers out there. Although they are grateful to still be among the employed, they wonder how soon it will be before they become a part of the unemployed segment.

Many will find that their stress affects the following areas:

Lack of sleep
Loss of appetite
Inability to focus
Paranoia constantly worried or anxious

However, stress can play a major role in your health and wellness. Stress&You

Employers are focused on thriving, making it through the tough economic period and they too are concerned. Even though there may be reports of government related interventions that are targeted to boost the economy, or Wall Street experiences a good day in the market, there is a sense of concern that lingers in this uncertain period. In order for businesses to make it through this period, they should not only pay attention to the numbers on their books but also take the appropriate measures to create a sense of awareness to the concerns of their employees. Consider a workshop or seminar that will address these concerns. It will definitely boost the confidence in work performance which may help in keeping grounded through the turbulence.

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  1. Lack of sleep contributes to stress, just as stress causes sleeping disorders. Hmmm...