Sunday, September 27, 2009

What happened here - who's responsible?

This segment on CNN really captured my attention as I would normally flip through channels, I watched the guests as they all spoke about breast cancer. Of course breast cancer is quite popular a common type of cancer in women. We have seen the pink ribbons that symbolizes awareness on pins, T-shirts, candies, perfumes, jewelry accessories, etc. In addition, there are many events and activities that are organized around breast cancer. Thousands of women gather to shout it out loud and clear that they have fought and won the fight against breast cancer.

However, this story was not about women with breast cancer, it was a case of men with breast cancer. As many of us are aware that breast cancer does affect men but far less cases have been reported than that of women. What makes this story even more unique is that these men are all connected to the same community/environment. Furthermore, other reports have included stories like Mike Patrian who has shared his story and those of at least 19 other men with breast cancer and Jerome Ensminger whose six year old daughter, born and raised at Camp Lejeune was diagnosed with Acute Lymphosytic Leukemia (A.L.L.)

Mike's Site The Few, The Proud,The Forgotten

Jerome Ensminger Testimony

Unfortunately, some of these men do not have much more time left to fight the disease. Hopefully, all of this attention will ensure that this will never happen again.

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