Sunday, September 6, 2009

Puff Puff - Give It Up!

Smoking can be traced back for centuries with pictorial records as far back as the 11th century. In 1864, the first American cigarette factory opened, producing around 20 million cigarettes a year. By 1898, there was a concern about the effects of cigarettes and a ban was placed in Tennessee. Two years later, Iowa, North Dakota and Washington decided to outlaw the sale of cigarettes. By 1901, 43 of the 45 states were actively engaged in support of banning cigarettes. In that same year,3.5 billion cigarettes and 6 billion cigars were sold. According to the reports of that era, 4 out of 5 men smoked a cigar at least once a day.

As time went on, the debates continued. Television commercials were banned, as well as smoking in airplanes, buses,trains, hotels,restaurants and of all places the bars where having a drink and a smoke goes hand in hand. Community activists held meetings and spoke out against the cigarette companies that appeared to target the youth demanding that their billboard advertisements be removed. The surgeon general placed warnings on the boxes to warn that cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health yet smoking continues. Some states raised the prices on cigarettes,increased taxes yet the tobacco companies are thriving. The anti smoking commercials are graphic with their message. Even closer to home, the loss of family and friends - have not deterred others from smoking.

What will it take to give it up?

Here are the current statistics
Smoking and Tobacco Use
Trying to Quit?

Videos made to appeal to smokers

Clearly, quitting is certainly not an easy task. It is a habit that has developed over time - one that has become a source of comfort during social gatherings and stressful periods. In some cases, smokers who have had the success of giving it up have found that a traumatic event triggered the urge to return to smoking and many of them have and are having a difficult time giving it up once again. There are many programs that are available to help smokers regain control of their lives and their health. If this post relates to you or someone you know, please take a moment and explore the following links.

Smoking Cessation
Smoke Free
Your Guide to Quit
American Lung Association
American Cancer Society
World Health Organization


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  2. Thanks Amanda! I will absolutely check it out.