Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Lingering Thoughts of the Health & Wellness of Japan

We've seen the devastating effects of the tsunami in Japan and followed closely with the rescue efforts and the concerns of the radiation exposure. Today's report states that there are low levels of radiation detected in 5 states in the United States.

I think of those who were hospitalized and sick prior to the earthquake and the tsunami. I wonder about those who were scheduled to give birth.

I wonder about the elderly who may have become separated from their families during the disaster.

I even wonder what happened to the pets, the animals.
What if they were exposed to the radiation and then found by some random person tries to pet or comfort the it? How will this be remedied?

Meanwhile, shortly after the debris settled, the focus shifted to the nuclear plants that clearly was affected by the earthquake. Initially it was said to have been under control, nothing to worry about. However, I had this sinking feeling that there was a lot to worry about and there is much more to this than what was being shared. I'm sure that the leaders wanted to appear in control and with all the media regaling us with the wonderful architectural work of the engineers who built the buildings to withstand earthquakes, the evidence of mother nature spoke volumes. Could you imagine if they said "Run for the hills!!" Where would they go? I could only imagine the mass pandemonium that would ensue at that point.
The lives of those who perished may never be accounted for as there is no real census of everyone who may have been washed into the belly of the ocean. The numbers fluctuate from a few thousand to almost 10 thousand. As of this moment, the latest reports are rounded off perfectly to 9,800 bodies and more than 17,500 missing.

The whole issue of the radiation levels being under control is like watching an intense table tennis match. It's safe, it's `not safe. See our scientist go in and see them scurry out.

Only time will tell the true effects of the disaster. Is it really safe to drink the water? What about the food, is anything good for consumption? Will loved ones soon be reunited? What about their health, what about the long term health effects? The truth is the people of Japan are a force to be reckoned with. They are focused, dedicated, hard working, creative, innovative people who will in no doubt rebuild and regain their lives to a better standard. It's just that it will take a bit of time. Time to mourn and the time to heal. In the meantime, we the people from all over the world, we're praying with you.

World Health Organization guidelines on radiation exposure.

Food Drug Administration discusses safety of food products imported from Japan.

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