Monday, April 11, 2011

Fruits and Vegetables

Of course you know that your vegetables and fruits are good for you. Our parents did not allow us to leave the table until we ate our vegetables and if we were too full to finish our vegetables, dessert was certainly off the menu. In some cases, many adults have given up on eating their vegetables and fruits because they are old enough to make their own choices and no one can make them eat it now. However, it's time to get back to eating your fruits and vegetables. The benefits of eating your fruits and vegetables are just too great.

How about this?

• May help prevent cancer
• Reduces the risk of heart diseases
• Reduces the risk of strokes
• Reduces the risk of the digestive complications
• Reduces the risk of eye diseases
• Lowers your blood pressure

The recommendation is to have about nine servings which is 4½ cups of vegetables and fruits a day. Mix it up with vegetables that are rich in color. Go for it, the orange, red, green, yellows - make yourself a pretty vegetable treat. Of course not all in one serving but each day can be quite the meal.

Get your shopping list out and add the following:
• Carrots
• Corn
• Tomatoes
• Squash
• Pumpkin
• Broccoli
• Lettuce
• Spinach
• Swiss chard
• Mustard greens
• Cauliflower
• Cabbage
• Brussels sprout
• Bok choy
• Kale
• Oranges
• Lemons
• Lime
• Grapefruit
• Kiwi
• Grapes
• Bananas
• Apples

You can add more to the list just know that potatoes do not count as a vegetable :-) Cook with butter and please for the love of everything good for you, do not add to much salt. Keep in mind, the more salt added to your food, it elevates your blood pressure.

Now is the perfect time to keep the fruits out on the table or the kitchen counter top. Introduce it or reintroduce it to your family. The more you eat it, the more it will become an enjoyable habit. Most importantly, the health benefits are just too great to pass on. Here's to your health and wellness!

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