Monday, May 16, 2011

Is It Your Job?

Who doesn't love a party especially when it means that you don't have to go out to buy lunch? Almost everyone loves to have a treat every now and then. However, many offices are finding just about every reason to celebrate a birthday, the company or team has met a goal, someone is leaving, having a baby, graduating, being promoted, you name it - it's celebrated which is a good thing (in concept). On the other hand, it can be hazardous to your health. I know it sounds dramatic but I had to get your attention.

More festive moments on the job may produce happier employees which in turn increases the morale and more work gets done. However, while some jobs offer an onsite gym, many employees bypass the gym and head on to every eating event. The gym offers an opportunity to burn the calories, increase energy and improve your health but making the time to exercise even though it could not be any more convenient is a different challenge.

Pizza parties are also big on the job. Some jobs have Friday Pizza Parties while others may have Pizza day as an incentive for meeting a goal. Of course a slice wont hurt but do you really eat just one slice?

While we're on a roll, let's talk about caffeine. Yes caffeine has it's benefits as it can improve memory, speed up your reaction time, decrease fatigue but sodas are also loaded with sugar and we know that sugar has to be used at a minimum. We all love the sweet taste, it can be so addictive and can make us fat, but are we also aware that those who have high blood sugar have a higher risk of dying than stroke patients with normal blood sugar levels.

Yummy, yum, yum.......... Cupcakes are loaded with calories. Think of the sugar, the frosting, the sprinkles all piled onto this seemingly harmless round hand held treat but you should know that it can range from 200 - 600 calories. That tasty treat which no one cuts in half can add to your weight gain. Obesity can slowly creep up on you. Once you notice you are no longer fitting into your clothes, get into action. Do not allow a few moments of tasty pleasure ruin your health.

So while you are eating - Spring Into Wellness

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