Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Know Your Status - Get Checked.......

Sometimes you have to get a bit graphic to get your point across. From time to time, we have covered the topic of HIV/AIDS. One of my biggest concerns is that the stigma of HIV/AIDS have been replaced with a complacent attitude as many are living longer with the disease.

As with all graphic advertising campaigns, there are groups who will protest citing that it further promotes a stigma to the people with the disease - especially the gay community and may prevent others from being tested out of fear. However, what is undeniable, is that there are some truths to this disease that must be shared no matter how scary they may be. And... while I applaud the advances of the research scientists and the medical/pharmaceutical companies, the main goal is to promote healthy habits and practices to avoid being diagnosed with the virus. The saying an ounce of prevention is worth much more than a pound of cure is oh sooooo true.

Is it AIDS Awareness Month? No it's not. Why wait until it's World AIDS Day, or the anniversary of any particular AIDS related campaign/organization? There is no time like the present to discuss the reality of this disease.

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