Monday, July 11, 2011

Prime Season for Hantavirus

When all seems right with the world, things can suddenly go all wrong. Dr. David Hartstein, a 35year old husband and father of three young children began to feel sick with flu like symptoms that escalated to a high fever.In addition, he complained of having shortness of breath. At first it was thought to be a bug or Lyme disease but it all came to an abrupt end that left everyone in shock.

It all began to manifest after Dr. Hartstein cleaned his basement. It is there that health officials believe that he contracted the hantavirus. Hantavirus is transmitted from inhaling airborne desiccated mouse droppings. In fact, further testings from the Suffolk County Health Department and the CDC has confirmed that Dr. Hartstein's death was due to the hantavirus.

As we cover many health and wellness topics, we want to explore the ones that are sometimes overlooked. Many of us wont think twice about sweeping or cleaning our attic, basement or other areas that have we feel needs to be organized/maintained. However, we do not consider the potential dangers/risks that may affect our health as our goal is to clean up so that we may avoid any potential health hazards. In fact, Dr. Hartstein was cleaning after a flooding in their basement and had no idea that his life would end within the next two weeks.

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