Monday, October 24, 2011

Do It Your Way?

We all have choices to make and I would love to make a few suggestions as you work to improve on your health and wellness.

I take great pride in making the declaration that I dance to the beat of my own drum and I really do. I consider myself to be one who loves life, enjoys being a mother even though it has some turbulent moments which we always manage to sustain. I love being a wife and a friend to my King that's what I call my husband :-) I have raised my children to be respectful, love life and to be a positive source with their time here on earth. I am what my parents would call their wild child. I was raised in a house with strict rules, we never missed a church service and could not wear pants. Somehow, I managed to be the rebel with my own cause getting spankings along the way and not one to be disrespectful, I just could not help myself - I had to be me. Now that I am a parent, I have a greater appreciation for my own parents yet I also understand my children as I see myself reflected through them (times 100). Don't smile, I can handle it.

There is joy in living life with an understanding of your own self. Take time to enjoy life. Be patient with your children, think of the child that you were and if by chance you were perfect, then forgive your children for their imperfections. Be a guide, express your concern. Let them know that you want to see them succeed. It's in no way easy watching them make the wrong choices but never let them feel that they are alone. Be the balance. Do not condone or make excuses for their bad behavior - call them out on it. You will be better off as it keeps you out of the denial/enabler category. Your child may not want to go to college, encourage them to become the best in whatever interests them (except for the illegal forms of making quick money which leads them to prison/grave). My relationship with my King works not only because we love and respect each other but also because we work out our disagreements without the intervention of others and we make time to do things that we love together and maintain our own individual activities.

You will be over the moon with a love of life once you are able to balance your life. Keep in touch with your friends or make new friends if your friends have moved or you have grown apart, it happens. Get a hobby or join a new club. Be active and make time to exercise. You do not have to join a gym, turn on the tv and work it out. Watch your portion size. You should see me working out frantically to shed these excess pounds before the holidays, they just don't belong on this frame of mine besides I have far too many cute items hanging in my closet waiting to make their grand return. If you have access to Veria TV you should check it out, it is a great resource of all things health and wellness. You will find great cooking recipes and programs to work out and at your own level.

Now with all that said on how you should do it your way, I would like to admit that as a child who did not like being in church every time the doors opened, I appreciate the teachings as they have kept me grounded. I am a better person for the lessons I have learned from my parents. I am often praying and meditating on the teachings of the bible. I believe that we have all been assigned to live and while we are here, we need to make the best of it. We are all here to fulfill a purpose and cannot do that if we try to be a duplication of someone else and you will know that because it wont feel right. Be still and ask for guidance, you will know it as it will come to you. I hope that you will make the best of it for years to come. Go ahead and do it your way!

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