Thursday, October 27, 2011

Remove the Mask of Domestic Violence


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Dr. Maiysha Clairborne of Mind Body Spirit Wellness is taking a stand to further expose this issue that has held so many captive with the embarrassment and secrecy - enduring domestic violence. Dr. Clairborne is hosting an event that will benefit the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

As a survivor, I have spoken out on many occasions of the effects of being abused by someone you have entrusted with your life and love. I removed the mask many years ago in a public forum when I spoke at an event with Dr. Jane Goldman in New York. Since that time, I have spoken to women and teenagers from homeless shelters to those who are on the welfare to work programs; I have spoken to college students and professionals and I can tell you that domestic violence has no boundaries – it can happen to anyone.

As fate would have it, I worked on a research project with Dr. Delores Gayle Thompson who at the time was the Chief of Pediatrics at Harlem Hospital. I was a student intern and no one knew anything of my own connection to domestic abuse (relationship). Dr. Thompson was doing a research project - Domestic Abuse and the effects on the Growth and Development of Children. I took on the assignment and began to conduct surveys, spoke with parents, children, interviewed social workers, police officers, District Attorneys, clergy, collected statistic data and submitted my findings/report to Dr. Thompson and the New York State Department of Health. By the end of this assignment, I received an award from the New York State Department of Health – I had removed the mask and explored the issues of domestic violence.

Dr. Clairborne is  promoting prevention, education, advocacy, cooperation, and empowerment to the various health care and advocacy communities. The event will connect health care providers & community advocates with the GCADV, an organization that can provide the resources and intervention strategies that will help end and even prevent domestic violence in homes and families.

Are you a survivor? I am :-)

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  1. It can happen with every one, i will share this with my friends and we will support you event as much as we can..
    We are the survivor...

    Dr Clark