Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yoga - Try It You May Like It

Yoga it does a body, mind and spirit real good. It involves stretching of the muscles which is great as it releases the lactic acid that builds up with muscle use and causes Fatigue, pain, stiffness and tension. It also improves your posture and upper body strength.

Yoga is used to treat clinical depression and heart disease. Studies have indicated that other benefits can be found in improving chronic medical conditions, as it has relieved symptoms of asthma, arthritis and back pain. The National Institutes of Health is interested in the benefits of yoga and has funded clinical trials on yoga and its health benefits for insomnia and multiple sclerosis.

There are many forms of yoga. Asanas, ashtanga and power yoga are among the different forms of yoga and varies in their levels of activity. If you have never tried yoga because you think it's to difficult or you just never gave it any thought - why not give it a try, before you know it you may be a pro :-) The benefits are worth it and you can begin by checking out the video below. Go on and give it a shot.

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