Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reflections of 2011

What a year! What a year!!!

While having dinner with my husband in the city, he asked me - "What are your resolutions for the new year?" Well, my answer was simply "I have no resolutions." It's not that I do not believe in setting goals/resolutions, it's just that I have learned that I am on an assignment and each year comes with incredible moments.

2011 was a year that like every year passed - good times, challenging times and moments of unexpected success. As the new year began, I knew that I wanted to get some things done. We had just completed a successful run of the Off Broadway play based on the audio book series The Day That Changed My Life and the plan was to begin working on the documentary, and the book as well as being open to any new assignments.
It was just one of those days while posting on Twitter, I wrote The Day That Changed My Life in my search box with the intention of copying and pasting it into my timeline to promote the audio books and the blog. I just did not want to write the whole thing over again. I figured copy, paste and move on, but to my amazement there was an audition being held with the same name and same premise of the Off Broadway Play and our upcoming documentary. I almost thought the post was a copy and paste of our previous auditions but nooooooo it was not, it was from a major production company that have several successful shows on various cable channels and had plans to air their show on Lifetime in the Fall of 2011. It was a moment that confirms that we all must follow our instincts which I refer to as my spirit guide. Who knew that a simple moment of just feeling like copying and pasting a quick post would have alerted me that someone was using our brand. Yes, I said it, our brand. When I first began the audio book series, I searched the name to make sure that I was not using something that someone else had done. As a precaution, when we decided to do the Off Broadway Play in New York, I searched for the name in the context of what we working on and nothing showed up so we moved right along purchasing domain names, created a blog and a website. We placed ads in every area (online and print media)for the auditions you could have easily found us on Google but for some reason, this major production company had no clue that we had even existed or at least that is what we are supposed to believe. This simple action of following my lazy instinct revealed that we had some work to do. Again following my spirit guide, I reached into my resources and called my husband and a friend who were both invaluable. We were able to get on it right away and pull the brakes on that one - whew!
In doing research for the documentary and book, I found an amazing cancer center. The Farber Center with an excellent staff. The Farber Center provides top of the line services for cancer patients, accepts almost every insurance, offers other integrative services and feels like a spa. I was there one day for a meeting and while sitting in the waiting area, I saw a new patient come in and she began to fill out her forms, she began to cry. Without hesitation, the receptionist hurried from her desk to console her. It was such a great moment to witness the compassion in full effect at a time when the lady needed that hug.
Moving forward - another unexpected opportunity of a lifetime came via email with an offer from an online bath and body
product line company - Smell Goods. Can you imagine?!!! A beautiful hand crafted lavender soap made specially to assist in my assignment to help those with cancer. You will find the banner prominently placed on this page and I encourage you to purchase your very own bar, also spread the word to everyone you know. I have used the soap and purchased them as Christmas gifts believe you will love it. You can never go wrong smelling good.
In reflecting on this year, I realized once again that my ability to continue to work on my goals without the pressure of a year's timeline while being open to new assignments - just seem to always fall into place. It transcends my own expectations. In 2011, I had every intention to finish my book the one I have been working on forever, but it's time had not yet come. However, in speaking with a friend whose book is being published and set to be released soon, she mentioned her publishing company and they may be interested in my book. Needless to say, it all fell into place where the publisher contacted me and my book proposal is now being reviewed.

Reflecting on 2011

* The Day That Changed My Life is now in the final stages to be Trademarked
* The Day That Changed My Life (Cancer an uncertain journey)book in review with publishing company
* Smell Good for the Cause Soap (handcrafted soap made to order)
* Meetings to begin filming documentary, securing interviewers and location for documentary
* Sudden deaths of friends that were my age, dying of pulmonary embolism, aneurysms and other health complications really puts it all in perspective. Appreciate life!
* Having all of my girls in college (priceless!)
* Deaths of my elderly family members
* Celebrating my husband's grandmother Bessie's 103rd birthday
* Year end with a major business meeting and ready to launch

As I close, I must admit that I have plans to begin filming the documentary this year. The Off Broadway Play is returning in the late summer early fall of 2012. We will participate in the Revlon Run/Walk in New York City with our own team and possibly have a booth as well as perform selected acts from the play. Furthermore, I will begin working out with a personal boxing trainer (not to be a boxer but enough to be lean, toned and throw a mean punch if necessary), work out and run more often, increase my attendance in church, enjoy more family and personal trips and take more time out just for me :-) 2012 is here and I am excited and oh so ready for it - oh yes I am!

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