Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be My Valentine!

It's that time of year once again, it never fails it comes every time, yes readers Valentines Day! Lovers look forward to it, while singles dread it with a passion. It's really all about the celebration of love and that in my opinion is not exclusive to couples.
Will you see flowers coming in the office and passing your door heading to someone else? Perhaps. The receptionist or secretary's desk may be filled with flowers and according to a recent report, some women have ordered flowers for themselves. In fact, you may see random people walking with flowers, balloons, gift bags and a smile on their faces. Would you feel better knowing that some of them are just trying to keep up appearances? If yes, good save yourself some money and do not stress it at all :-)
The images of hearts, candies, jewelry, happy couples are all around us and if you can just see pass that you will know that it's really not a big deal. I think in some cases, it becomes a hassle trying to find something special to give or do that it may not be even as fun as it appears in the commercials - keep in mind they are geared to seduce you to buy into their products. Will I be going out to dinner with my love, yes I am but we also go out to dinner almost once a night each week. While I am married, I have always treated myself to the things that I love. I buy myself flowers, I treat myself to those succulent Godiva chocolate covered strawberries, I pour myself a glass of wine, I treat myself to the jewelry that I like and it is a fabulous feeling to treat myself.
In fact, I have had my share of Valentines Day when I had no one to share it with. However, I made sure that I did not allow it to be an issue. Here are a few suggestions:
* Make your favorite meal or order some take out and watch your favorite shows
* Invite your friends over and plan a fun evening (Have a gratitude party - thank
goodness I am no longer in that relationship with ________)
* Get busy working on your goals it will occupy your mind :-)
* Do not play love songs, romantic movies or start reminiscing on the good old days
* Give someone a call to say Happy Valentine's Day (parent, neighbor, someone you
have been meaning to call, or stop by and visit an elderly or sick person)
How about this - ask them to Be Your Valentine. A visit or call can do the trick - it will do wonders for those receiving your attention and it will pick up your spirits as well.

I love flowers and I love chocolate but most of all, I begin with loving me!

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