Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wait Before You Put Your Face On!!!

The cosmetic industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Although the economy has been quite tumultuous, the cosmetic industry is thriving. Apparently, looking good and feeling pretty is key to keeping the depression of these difficult times at bay. Well, although I am aware that there are various questionable ingredients that are used to make these cosmetics, I too love wearing lipstick - especially when I am going all the way out fancy.

Recently I received some emails, questioning a recent report on lead in make up. As I did my research, I found that according to the results, the brands that we use and trust had high levels of lead. Surprisingly, of the 400 lipsticks tested, who would guess that the 99 cents, Wet N' Wild brand appeared with the lowest levels of lead while the fancy high priced Cover Girl, L'Oreal and Maybelline lines held many of the top spots in this research. Estée Lauder, Mary Kay and Avon also place high on the list, keeping in mind that they tested 400 lipsticks.
To be fair, I must mention that some medical practitioners, feel that this report should not be a major concern. According to Dr. Bruce Hensel - "Just because there's lead in lipstick does not mean that there's a danger. In addition, the FDA and health officials also agree that the lipstick is ingested in such small doses, therefore the lead content does not pose a safety hazard. However, for those who have followed me and my advice - One size does not fit all. What works for some may not work for you and I would also add - An ounce of prevention is worth a lot more than a pound of cure.
In my efforts to keep you informed, I have included some very important videos from the FDA. Take a gander!!

Here is the list so that you may review and consider what brands you may want to purchase-> The Survey/Research Reports

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