Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Be Still And Know - You Are In Charge

Life is filled with challenges, how you handle the challenges? Do you become overwhelmed? anxious? depressed? ill tempered? or do you remain calm? seek guidance? look for solutions?

There are many ways that we can cope with the ever changing moments of life. Challenges exist for all living things. The trees, the animals and the earth all face challenges. As humans, we face challenges daily. The wealthy, rich, successful people are constantly facing challenges. It is how you handle the challenges that really makes the difference in your health and wellness.

As we have previously explored meditation and it's benefits, it is time to take a listen to those who have benefited from this practice. Hopefully, you too will take the time to add meditation to your daily habits. Take a moment, be still - your health and wellness depends on you.

The Medical Findings

Think Happy Thoughts

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