Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Business of Being A Mother

Being a mother is no easy task - it is filled with challenges. As I reflect on this position that I have held for the past 26 years, I realize that I have every right to run for the president of the United States of America if not the world :-)

Culinary Expert

I have fed the kids when they have declared there is nothing there to eat -miraculously I manage to whip up meals without leaving the house.

Office of Administration

Time management - scheduling various appointments,parties, attending recitals and other related events while maintaining my own.
Reviewing papers, filling out forms, signing permission slips, attend meetings.


I have served as a strong advocate on behalf of their health, education, etc.

Domestic Policy/Homeland Security

I have successfully mediated and at times end major wars.

Event Planner

Slumber Parties, Birthday Parties, Museum Trips, Broadway Shows, Amusement Parks, Family picnics/barbecues, Vacation/Traveling Abroad, After Christmas Shopping, Concerts, Baseball games and more.

Chief Cheerleader

Cheering at every performance at home, school or any other venue. Cheering them on to greatness.

Economic Council/Adviser

I have had to balance budgets with next to nothing left

Health Care
Office of Drug Control

I have experience in taking care of the sick children bringing them back to health without having to run to the emergency room and calming their hysterics at the sight of blood when they merely have a bruise.

Official Spiritual Adviser

Very close connection to God for the ultimate guide that I do not mess up this position.

Office of Mental Health

Listen to the constant reasons why the other person is stupid
Listen and counsel on having compassion, the importance of caring, being kind, and knowing when it's time to hit back

Education/Guidance Counselor

Selecting the appropriate educational materials/courses/path/programs
Filling out Financial Aid Forms for College

I can go on and on with the other duties but it may appear to be bragging. Well, I wont be running for anything as being a mother is a life term position and that's a major position that I wont trade for anything.
I must go and celebrate this day although I am still on full duty..............

*Updated version originally written in 2008

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  1. Not always easy, not always difficult, but always (and truly) an honor. Mother to Mother; Heart to Heart.