Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Fathers Day - An Amazing Man!!!

While I tooted my own horn on Mother's Day, I am extremely thrilled to pull out the bull horn on Father's Day for the most incredible man I know. Fathers are quite essential in the making of babies. However, it takes a very special kind of Father to take on the babies that are not his own.

I use the term babies but my children were not technically babies. They are my babies even though they are now all grown and in college. As a divorced mother with three children, I happen to be quite blessed to have met someone who was a perfect match.

He was not a disciplinarian figure but his presence, his demeanor, his words of encouragement was enough to gain a tremendous respect and love from my children.
He is overall consistent. A great son who loves his parents and his mother means the world to him (can you say -- thanks be to God!!!) He is also tops at being a brother, I love their relationship - they're truly brothers. As a father of two fantastic kids, his love, commitment and dedication is outstanding - bar none. In fact, just watching him with his grandmother who is 103 years old is heartwarming.

He is all kinds of wild, fun and adventurous. He loves to ride. He can go hard on his sport bike (Honda CBR 1000) and cruise on his Road King (Harley). He can also get behind a cause and ride his bicycle from New York to Boston for AIDS Awareness. He's participated in many other AIDS and cancer awareness fundraising events, runs, walks, rides - you name it.

He remains calm and acts as though he is not embarrassed when I spin around in church, scream and holler at concerts, dance and just carry on the conga line. He's by my side, laughs with me, talks with me, enthusiastically disagrees with me yet remains buckled in and works through the turbulence.

My husband is my lover, my best friend and above all my King!

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