Monday, June 4, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Takes A Stand - The Large Soda Ban!

In an effort to address the enormous growth in people who are overweight or obese, New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed a ban on selling sodas/sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces. Sugary drinks are defined as beverages that are "sweetened with sugar or another caloric sweetener that contain more than 25 calories per 8 fluid ounces and contains less than 51 percent milk or milk substitute by volume as an ingredient."

According to the recent research studies, the public health statistics of New York indicates that 58 percent of New York City adults and nearly 40 percent of city public school students are obese or overweight. Obesity comes with many health risks, illnesses and complications which puts a burden on the cost of health care. I appreciate the Mayor's effort to take on the challenging position to help others make healthier choices and this will be quite the challenge. Unfortunately, there are so many ways that people with bad habits can get around this. Needless to say, there are those who are against the Mayor's proposal and he has been called the Nanny among other things. The plan is to ban them from restaurants and movie theaters where they sell the larger size drinks. This is not sitting well with those who enjoy going to the theater and having a large soda, to go with their big bucket of popcorn and candy. "You mean I can't have my super size soda? Why? I don't have it everyday? I don't go to the movies that often?" "What will happen to the 711 Big Gulp?" I've heard it all. However, the ultimate stand will be up to the individual to take full responsibility in what they consume and how much they will consume. Your health and wellness begins with you.

Keep in mind you can still purchase your sodas at the stores. What's your position?

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