Thursday, March 21, 2013

Healthy Habits Healthy Homes.........

Seems like it was just yesterday when I was a little girl having fun in my very own land of make believe. In my land, I was all grown up, married with children - a boy and a girl. I played with my dolls and pretended that they were my children and I would go through great lengths to give baths, dress and feed my babies (pretend food). In my land of make believe, my babies were fed cakes, cookies, ice cream, candies, chips and all the tastiest snacks as if it were a never ending, all you can eat buffet.

However, in my real world, I was raised with the morning ritual of taking the cod liver oil in liquid form which was absolute torture as it gave me the shivers every single time. One A Day vitamins were also a part o the daily routine. Most importantly, we were served the healthiest breakfast choices. Our house was filled with fruits for snacks, 100% Fruit Juices, yogurt the real original no fruit mixed smelly yogurt, nuts and grains. Cakes and ice cream were treats that would come on birthdays or after a Sunday dinner.

As a child who was raised in a home where healthy foods were emphasized, I looked forward to my adult life where I would one day be able to eat whatever I wanted. Before you knew it, the time had come where I was able to make my own choices. I became a mom and for some reason, I just could not stray too far away from my dietary habits. My children had to take their vitamins which were flavorful, chewable and made in their favorite cartoon characters. They had the cod liver oil capsules. The yogurts were plentiful with a variety of fruit flavors and the breakfast was mostly healthy choices. Incredibly enough, they love salads, whole wheat bread, vegetables, fish and fruits with a great appreciation.

Here I am now well beyond my dream of becoming a mother. Now as a grandmother of Autumn and Theo, I can be confident that the healthy habits will continue with them. Autumn loves fruits, vegetables and at two years old, she would eat her salad as if it were a tray filled with desserts. Theo is only a few days old but it is only a matter of time he will also share in the healthy habits.

We enjoy eating desserts and snacks. We eat the pastas, the fried foods, the desserts. However, we are fortunate enough to have had a foundation that set the standards of eating healthy which is key in keeping us in line. One of the greatest things that my parents gave me, is a healthy start. No matter how much I may have resented it as a child, I am so glad that they did - it has made a difference in our lives. With the high rate of obese children who are now facing diseases that were once considered for adults or the elderly, it's time for parents to take control and make health habits for the home.

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