Monday, March 25, 2013

The Mystery Disease

Unfortunately, there are those moments where the doctor misses the mark and a disease can go undiagnosed while the patient's health continues to worsen. The problem lies with the symptoms which are similar to other diseases and while they are ruled out - a very real problems still exists. Needless to say, the treatments and therapies are most often ineffective.

Here is a disease that many are unaware of and it really needs to be one that is highlighted among the awareness campaigns. Cushing's disease stems from a tumor or excess growth of the pituitary gland. The symptoms include:
•Round, red, full face
•Slow growth rate in children
•Upper body obesity,thin arms and legs

Chondra Hungeford and Sharmyn McGraw both women lived a healthy life. However, as they watched in horror, the changes in their bodies, they also struggled to get a handle on this disease. Take a moment to listen and learn more about this disease.

Learn more of Cushing's Disease and what causes the disease, symptoms and treatments.

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