Friday, October 4, 2013

Making Changes - Taking Cosmetic Chances

To thine own self be true......

Who are we to judge what is true to others? However, it's difficult to look at some of the changes that many well known faces have made and not notice the awful truth - their looks have changed and in most cases not for the better. A little nip, tuck here and there, plumping of the lips, breast and butt implants are becoming more common. With many celebrities changing right before our eyes, some fans have fallen deeply in to the world of cosmetic/plastic surgery. Unfortuantely, even those with the financial means and access to the top plastic surgeons have had major fails that not only made their appearances noticeably strange/weird but have had disastrous results. To make matters worse, parents are aiding their young children to also have procedures due to peer pressure and to avoid bullying. Is it effective? Is it necessary?

In the end, it really is a personal decision.

Next up we're exploring the dangerous side of cosmetic surgery.

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