Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Happy Healthy Home - Living with Pets

Don't you just love your pets? People are becoming more involved in their pets way of life from style and transportation - I've seen it all. While at the airport, there was a couple with their small dog in a stroller. I thought it was the most ridiculous yet funny thing ever - clearly they were serious. We've since seen pets in strap on carriers, booties, leather outfits, etc. At one point the pet in the purse was all the rage. The love is oh so overwhelming. However, hugging and kissing your pets, handling their food and treats may cause you to become ill.
Dr. April Hodges, Nutritional Scientist with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) discusses the importance of handling pet food with care to avoid illness. Although it is rare that pets can become sick due to salmonella, the chances exist and most importantly, it can be very dangerous for humans, especially children.

The latest pet food recall and withdrawal lists:

FDA Pet Food Recall & Withdrawal List 2014

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