Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Breastfeeding in Public - A Mother's Choice

What's all the fuss about Beyonce breastfeeding her baby in public? Is it really that big of a deal in this day and age where we claim to be a progressive society?

As a mother who breastfed all of my children, I know when it's feeding time, my breast begins to prepare for it and my baby wakes up simultaneously. It is the most incredible experience ever! It is also a moment where I find a spiritual connection of how amazingly equipped I am - I can give birth and nurture my off spring. So for me it did not matter when baby/nature calls, I respond.

What's most startling, is the fuss made about mothers breastfeeding in public. There are special brassieres made for mothers to breastfeed without exposing their full breast and in some cases where mothers have completely covered the baby with a blanket - still met opposition.

It is common knowledge that breast milk provides the baby with the essential nutrients to help with not only growth but also equips the body with the antibodies necessary to protect the baby from illnesses.

Furthermore, studies have indicated that breastfed babies have a decreased chance for allergies and dental caries. Breastfed babies are overall - healthier babies.

So whether you think that Beyonce fed her baby in public as a way to stand with the other mothers or she just knew it was time to feed her baby and that was all that matters - it's her choice to breastfeed Blue Ivy. Breastfeeding is not about being trendy, fashionable or fancy.

I just hope that our society wakes up and really get's it together. The news headlines with expressions of outrage for breast feeding in public is simply ridiculous. In my opinion, the benefits far outweighs the ignorant reactions.
For more information on breastfeeding and the initiative to promote and increase the number of breastfed children:
Center for Disease Control on Breastfeeding
World Health Organization on Breastfeeding

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