Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Parents - Overweight Children and Heart Disease

Thank Goodness it's April 2nd. I would not want anyone to brush this off as an April Fools joke. After reading another published report on the health or lack of good healthy habits in children and the consequences which is far from a joke, it prompted me to blog about this major health concern. This is a problem that exists in higher proportions right here in the United States. There is a problem and it begins at home (I've said it before). The other problem is the blame that is passed on to the fast food restaurants and companies that make the snacks, candies, etc.

The biggest concern should be the effects that are now making it's impact on the children at younger ages. A study was conducted by Christina Shay, an epidemiologist at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. The study included 673 teens between the ages of 12 to 19 years old. The participants were followed through the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys for five years between 2005-2010. The survey indicates that less than half of U.S. adolescents are lacking exercise and have poor diets. The major concern is that it's highly likely that we are creating a new generation of heart-disease patients. The concerns of higher levels of impaired glucose tolerance, elevated levels of blood pressure, cholesterol and Type 2 diabetes must not be taken lightly.

The heart may take years of wear and tear before it fails, needs repair or shuts down completely. However, an early start to creating these problems only makes it worse for the teenager who will have to deal with complicated health issues at a time when their lives have only just begun.

Parents, what changes will you make? Today is a great day too start.

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