Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Come on Get Happy♪♪ :-)

According to research studies, happy people have the advantage of living longer healthier lives :-) And by the end of this blog, you'll be dancing yourself into happiness.

While many rely on research studies, others rely heavily on their own life experiences/observations. To support the notion that happiness is key to health, scientists, psychologists, the World Health Organization and even governments have found this worthy of investigation.

A study in the Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being journal, links happiness to health outcomes. Professor Ed Diener of the University of Illinois analyzed long-term studies of human subjects, experimental human and animal trials, and studies that evaluated the health status of people stressed by natural events.

Professor Diener said after reviewing eight different types of studies, the general conclusion from each type of study is that your subjective well-being that is, feeling positive about your life, not stressed out, not depressed - contributes to both longevity and better health among healthy populations.

So what's the plan for 2014? Here's a suggestion. When you wake up in the morning - invite happiness to join you. Find a song, a mantra or something that you know makes you happy. I have found the perfect song to start my day and I have shared it with my family, declaring it to be our anthem. In fact, whenever you find yourself slipping into a unhappy path, listen to this song and you will become instantaneously happy :-) Prepare to dance, smile, clap your hands.......

Happy - Pharrell Williams

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