Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Reflections of 2013!!!

Au revoir 2013, it was so good to have the opportunity to experience you :-)

I am happy to share that it was another great year, yes it was. Of course there were challenges some tough ones and disappointing moments but I focused on being at peace even if I had to fight for it ;-) Peace won every time.

Each day is filled with thanksgiving as I acknowledge the good things. In fact each morning when I sign on to my laptop, my calendar pops up and a banner appears - Gratitude Celebration Day!!! It automatically brings a smile to my face and there are times that I actually applaud and say "Yay!"

My birthday was an extra special one as my grandson decided to crash in on my party - my personal new year. Theo made his debut and all the attention went straight to him :-) I have accepted that my birthdays will never be the same, I will be happy to share the spot light.

Once again, The Day That Changed My Life team participated in the Revlon Run Walk for Women's Cancers in New York City. Our team has grown and promises to be even bigger this year. We are also happy to report that a major company has contacted us and will sponsor our team for the upcoming walk in May.

As I worked on my assignments, I was given more work. Three books in the works!!!

2013 was a year that allowed me to bond even more than I could have ever imagined with my family. Nothing beats the love and security of having my family. It was a thrill to be able to spend time with my siblings as we would meet and have dinner while discussing family business. In addition to my business travel, my husband and I had a get away weekend almost every month. We spent more time with friends, the ones we've been meaning to share more time with for the last ten years. We had so much fun, we actually got together again a few more times. We even traveled to New England to celebrate my cousins birthday, a huge deal for me as we normally visit the area when there is a death in the family. You know the unplanned family reunion that happens at funerals, this time it was just to enjoy another year of life earned.

2013 ushered in as I was well into working on improving my health and wellness, loving he Cross Fit experience. Sadly, I injured my knee which caused a bit of an interruption in my exercises. Having to suspend my Cross Fit was a tough transition, things were going so well. However, I worked my way through it and although I am not where I want to be, I am getting there - I promise.

I Believe in Miracles!!!
My spiritual life was enhanced as I committed to my early morning prayer and meditation. I began to experience a new level of awareness as I surrendered and asked for guidance. Among the highlights of 2013, here is one that I would love to share with you.

It happened on September 17, 2013. While out for a morning run, my mind was focused on the documentary that I have been working on for a few years (The Day That Changed My Life®). I use the time during my run to have conversations with God. Later on that evening, I was on Twitter. I noticed a tweet that stated: Did you meditate today? I thought to myself - Yes, I did but I can do it again now. I muted the TV, extended my arms and said "I am open and ready to receive" as things would happen, my phone rings and I thought to myself (I can't even meditate in peace) I knew it was on of my girls, and it was - my daughter Ally.

My daughter called to tell me that her best friend's boss wants to sponsor The Day That Changed My Life and our upcoming projects.

Well, at that moment I almost lost it. I screamed into the phone a couple of times "Are you serious???!!!" She said yes and they will call you in the morning.

I hurried up and went to sleep, welcoming the morning with a great big smile. Meditation, prayers, a good long run, showered and held onto the phone like my life depended on it. First a call at 10:38 am from her friend to find out if it was okay for her to give her boss my number. "YES!!!" I thanked her profusely and promised her a cupcake.

At 11:22 am the phone rang and once we exchanged hellos, my enthusiastic voice took over. He had heard of our work with the Off Broadway Play and our other projects and was interested in being a part of our projects through sponsorship. Thanks be to God, the documentary is scheduled to be shown in a theater this Fall.

Needless to say, this was no coincidence. I'm staying on the prayer and meditation track, it really makes a difference. I've even committed to the daily conference 5 am call to the 52 Days of Prayer/Focus which is hosted by my church.

Today and each day of 2014, I will set the intentions to make it a great day. I will give thanks and express my gratitude.
I am open and ready to receive all that 2014 has to offer, some days will require the seatbelt to buckled while I ride through the turbulence and other days I can release the buckle and run free through the clouds. It's just the way each year goes :-)

So with my arms open wide, I embrace the New Year. Come on 2014, let's do it :-)

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