Thursday, May 29, 2014

Keeping It Farm Fresh

Picture it - sunny warm days, blue skies, green grass, flowers blooming, trees offering shade, sandals, T-shirts, shorts etc., love is in the air - summer is almost here.

The thought of enjoying healthy and delicious fresh fruits and vegetables makes my heart leap for joy. I can recall having the most delicious and juiciest tomato ever that we purchased at the market in Nevis, West Indies. I had no idea that tomatoes could be so sweet. Thank goodness, there are many farmers market throughout New York even in the city - yes it's true. Stroll on through Union Square and there you will find a fabulous farmers market.

Tom Vilsack, the Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture has an initiative to promote the farmers market. Do you know your farmer? If not, get to know your farmer and learn more about the food.

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