Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Cancer Guidelines Cervical Cancer (Part II)

Almost everyone is afraid of hearing that they have cancer. Trusting that the cancer specialists and medical experts are on top of their field and unfortunately, the latest proposed/suggested guidelines are not helping much in the trust department. When it comes to cancer, no one wants to see a set back - especially when for years there are campaigns, fundraisers, walks, runs, documentaries with titles such as War Against Cancer! Stand Up to Cancer, Live Strong, etc., only to be told just days apart that the two leading cancers that causes death in women are now being revised to prolong screenings. Women are furious, concerned and afraid of how these new guidelines will affect their lives. The progress in breast cancer has seen an increase in survivors now the fear looms that this will be a major setback. Not to mention that cervical cancer is not easily detected as it is usually found when it has advanced and it has spread. Successful treatment depends on the stage of the cancer, the size of the tumor, the patients age among other factors.

Cervical Cancer is found in tissues of the cervix. It is often found through Pap Tests. Abnormal cells will be examined, then it will be determined if it is positive for cancer. Therefore, these tests are very important. There are new methods and promising drugs to help prevent and also to treat cervical cancer. The HPV (Human Papimollarvirus) vaccine is quite heavily promoted to teens and young adults. It is all in an effort to work on defeating a disease that is well known and feared as a killer of many women. According to the National Cancer Institute, the estimated number of new cases in the U.S. of those with cervical cancer in 2009 was 11, 270 and the deaths were 4,070.

Hopefully, these new suggested guidelines will be given a moment of considered and thoughtfully deliberated review with the main goal of saving lives rather than saving dollars. Cancer has shown us all that it is no respecter of anyone - rich, famous, middle class, lower class, old, young and even younger ones are all affected by this disease. In addition, it does not have to have a link to your family, you can be the first and only one.

This is also important for men as well - your mother, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin or other loved ones may have to face cervical cancer. Stay on top of this important issue your life may depend on it.

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