Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Cancer Guidelines Controversy (Part 1)

A huge controversy has emerged in medicine this past week, let's make that two major medical announcements as it relates to cancer and women. While some of us were aware of the upcoming announcement, we were not sure that it would ever really happen. Well, that's not the case. The announcement came on Monday November 16, 2009 by the U.S. Preventive Service Task Force (Federal Advisory Board). The recommendations are as follows: Women between the ages of 40 - 49 No routine mammograms necessary. The current recommendations are for women to have annual mammograms at 40 and up. In addition, the new guidelines suggests that women 50 and older need to get it every other year.

The problem is that no one really knows who is at risk and this announcement really can set back the progress that can be found especially in the fight against breast cancer. As you listen to Lucy Marino PhD, RN who is a member of the U.S. Preventive Task Force stumbles/fumbles through this interview that should convince the population of the findings, actually leaves more questions than answers. Please take a look at this video see for yourself how she refers to life years gained by the actual screening. It is also important to note that this task force of 16 members does not include an oncologist/cancer specialist.

Mammogram Debate

Another opportunity to convince us of their findings:

Another bumbling Task Force Member Dr. Greggory

Let's be clear, mammogram screenings remain the same. In the meantime, let's work to find a more effective screening procedure. Spread the word!

Here are a few of the many organizations that can assist financially in mammogram screenings:
National Breast Cancer Foundation
American Breast Cancer Foundation
Avon Breast Care

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