Sunday, November 8, 2009

What's Going On?!!!!!!

Mass pandemonium has struck this week. The Fort Hood military base in Texas experienced a shocking reality of what can actually happen; it was a crime commited by the person whom they look to for medical care - someone they may have even trusted. No one saw the signs, yet Dr. Hassan Nadal a Major in the Army turned the gun and fired upon the soldiers who were in transition for deployment to war. Unfortunately, the soldiers never made it to the battle field instead Dr. Hassan decided their fate. He took their lives away in a place where they felt most secure.

What's going on? How could a psychiatrist, one who took the oath to do no harm, commit such a heinous act? How could a soldier turn a weapon on his fellow comrades? Were there any warning signs? How did Dr. Nadal mask his illness or intentions? Did Dr. Nadal seek medical intervention for his problems or was he afraid to discuss with another professional? No one may ever know what triggered off this horrendous attack but it will surely create many insecurities for other service men who can become distracted by this latest act. Will they trust their fellow Muslim Comrades? Will this create a major setback for Muslim relations in the general public?

What's Going On?!!!!!!!

What can be done to prevent this from happening again? Who is evaluating the psychiatric professionals? The reports are that Dr. Nadal attended prayer, work and went about his day as he normally would - nothing unusual there at all. This is quite a difficult task to handle.

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