Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What others are saying about the new suggested guidelines for cancer screening

While preparing for Part II on the Cancer Screening Guidelines - Cervical Cancer, I am still finding great articles, reviews, responses,interviews, debates, you name it, I am on it. Many women are worried, confused and completely disappointed in the new guidelines as the results may affect their health and well being. Cancer has touched many lives. It has taken away family,friends, co workers,acqquaintances, fellow church members, etc. The discussion continues as it has set a spark in many women who feel that they are being sentenced to death

Rene Syler speaks on Cancer Screening Guidelines

Let us not allow this fast paced technological era distract us from this important issue. Stay informed and speak up. Upcoming topics on the Health & Wellness Show will explore more on these very important guidelines (suggested guidelines). We will have open discussions with survivors, health care experts (specific to the field of cancer) as well as other related organizations.

Upcoming Books

1. All Things Cancer
2. When Cancer Came Knocking
3. The Day That Changed My Life Cancer an uncertain journey

(Part II )Cancer Guidelines for Cervical Cancer coming soon.

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