Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Snow Storms

This winter season is proving to be quite the season. Many states are overwhelmed by the snow storms that just wont seem to let up. Much to the dismay of those who migrated to the south to escape the winters, the winter has made it a point to follow them. It has even caused people to question the Global Warming theory.

More importantly, we also know that this weather may cause an affect on various health related conditions and in worse case fatalities. Some may suffer from the winter blues or the hazards of snow storms . Today I woke up to the early morning reports of the snow storm coverage and suddenly I realized that there was no need for me to complain. After all, this is winter and this is what happens during the winter season. Now, if I can just accept it and begin to focus on the things I need to do to arm myself appropriately - gloves, scarf, hat, coat, boots and layer accordingly, I would be fine.

With that attitude, I began to count down the days to spring. January is almost gone, we have two more months to go. Before you know it Spring will be here and then we'll be complaining of the winter weight or the rain. How about using this time to make healthy choices, you'll be so proud of yourself ;-)

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