Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hip, Hip Hooraaaay!!! Cheers to CVS

Turn up the music and let us get our dance on. It's time to paaaaartaaaay (party). CVS has taken the bold step to forego Two Billion Dollars in annual tobacco sales and focus on providing quality health care to it's customers.

Hopefully, many will drop their buts (cigarettes) and join us in the dance as we continue to work on improving our health and wellness...... Here's to living a longer and healthier life :-)


  1. I agree with this one. Eventhough there are so many ads showing how dangerous is smoking, smokers can't seem to stop.

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  2. Yes indeed it is a difficult habit to break. Smoking is an addiction that may cause major health complications and in some cases - death. CVS has taken the lead in banning the sales of tobacco in their stores, such great news (applause) :-)